I've provided direct links for these movies, so that you can view them in High Quality, and whatever

Lavender   The Last Man

The first video I made specifically for one of my own tracks, this was filmed at Mayfield Lavender Farm, near Carshalton, Surrey, in August 2009.

Another ambient music project, with a video filmed around various London locations in August 2009. It's vaguely inspired by the novel of the same name by Mary Shelley. I had, by this time, decided on a name for my musical project.

Spin Cycle   Synthetics (Self Checkout)

More electro dancey rubbish. Filmed (mostly) around the north end of London Bridge, with a few snippets of my customised electronics.

Shot on a bus journey from London Bridge, heading towards Palmers Green, this video accompanies an upbeat track with quazi-amusing supermarket sounds.

Bad Memories Slightly disturbing-ish content   Mosquito

Another ambienty-sort of project, I thought this one needed a suitably morbid video. This was partly inspired by some of David Lynch's work from the seventies.

This film is partly animated and partly live action. It was originally just going to be a montage of rusty metal things, to go with an ambient project of mine, but it somehow morphed into a vaguely futuristic sci-fi type thing, similar in some ways to the NIN movie I made last year.

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