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30th November 2012

Non-Bio has the following noteworthy news:

  1. We* played our first live show earlier this month at Esquires in Bedford.
  2. We now have a new official blog, which documents (amongst many other things) the abovementioned gig. Read the blog here, along with videos and stuff:
  3. Non-Bio has official merchandise! You can peruse it here. Get your orders in now for a... perfect Christmas present. These gifts would be especially ideal for somebody who's not heard of Non-Bio or is unaware that it's a band.
  4. Non-Bio is planning on putting on another live show at The Scream Lounge in Croydon on Saturday the 5th January 2013. The Facebook event page is here.


* Myself and Karl Lloyd, for Non-Bio live is now a two-man operation.



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