The Future Is Written

After releasing a lot of EPs and 'mini albums', it has been quite some time since Non-Bio released an actual proper full-length album. We are therefore proud to announce the imminent release of The Future Is Written, a 14 track recording which will be available as a download, a CD digipak and on Spotify.

The album will be released accross all formats on the 1st September 2018 and can be ordered through our Bandcamp page (and no doubt will be available on merch stands at our future gigs). A promo video has already been released which you can watch below.

This album has been in development for a long time - pretty much since the release of those two mini albums back in 2016 - and continues the refinement of that structured noise sound that has been brewing for some time. Maybe it bridges that divide between dark ambient soundtrack-style music and the raw, drum-pounding noise wall that we often play in our live shows. Or perhaps it does not. Maybe it contains poignant commentary on the chaotic present state of our world. When it drops next month you can make up your own minds...

The Future Is Written album cover



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