Destroy All Planets

Back in 2013, on the train home from the Resistanz music festival, I began composing what later became Destroy All Planets - a song which we would then play at a number of live shows but never quite managed to record a definitive version of. The song was earmarked for an electro-industrial album I was planning to release in 2014 but - for various reasons - it never quite came together and was shelved in favour of the more noise-driven Machine Cold Wash. Eventually Non-Bio's style began to alter course and Destroy All Planets remained on the back burner as a sort of 'orphaned track'.

More recently I've dusted it off and given it a new mix and a mastering. So here is a recording of it (finally!) with another song of the same era and a remix courtesy of X-KiN. At one point I was planning to give this song an elaborate and tongue-in-cheek Star Wars-style space video but it would have taken a collossal amount of time and resources - perhaps we should just close our eyes instead and imagine what might have been!

The samples are myself and Karl, rather drunk and playing with a sound recorder very late at night at Resistanz.