Alpha Micro Revival 8000 Ultra /

The Death Chillout Sessions

The new albums are released! Non-Bio's very pleased to introduce Alpha Micro Revival 8000 Ultra (a collection of nine powernoise tracks) and The Death Chillout Sessions (eleven dark ambient pieces, including one track featuring the vocals of Emma Dark). Originally concieved as one album, we eventually decided that since the tracks differ so much stylistically, it made more sense to release two separate albums.

A limited number of CD promo copies are available upon request.

We hope this new music will be seen as a logical development to Non-Bio's sound. We've composed and performed the new tracks with far less reliance on computers and greater utilisation of circuit-bent electronic music hardware. This is primarily to make a better transition to performing the songs in a live environment and we look forward to playing the new material on stage later in 2016.


A cloudcast used to promote the album on its release:

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