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Non-Bio live at Esquires, November 2012

For a while, my film and animation projects went hand- in-hand with musical ones.

Particularly weird music, for some reason. Inevitably, in 2009 things got to the

point where the music needed its own special place. And in 2012 it stopped being

a project and became a band.


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You Are Happy

12th October 2021 - You Are Happy

A new full-length album announced for Halloween!

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You Are Happy

23rd July 2021 - Outerworld

A new EP for our modern times!

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15th August 2019 - Degraded

The long-delayed remix album appears.

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9th November 2018 - Believe

The new album gets its first promo video.

I want to believe

The Future Is Written

16th August 2018 - The Future Is Written

Non-Bio releases a new 14 track album.

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Exit Wound

20th May 2017 - Tubulus

Expanding the enterprise to now include a limted edition book.

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Exit Wound

13th January 2017 - Music For An Inauguration

Non-Bio releases a split EP with Mouth of the Void!

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Exit Wound

3rd September 2016 - Exit Wound

Non-Bio returns with another all-new EP!

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Alpha Micro Revival 8000 Ultra / The Death Chillout Sessions

20th April 2016 - Destroy All Planets

The past comes back to bite us!


Alpha Micro Revival 8000 Ultra / The Death Chillout Sessions

30th April 2016 - Alpha Micro Revival 8000 Ultra / The Death Chillout Sessions

The new albums are here!

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New album teaser video

23rd April 2016 - A teaser regarding two forthcoming album releases

Come and get a taste of what's heading your way!

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Circuit-bending: DD-666

1st February 2016 - Circuit bending 6: The DD-666

Corrupting yet more sound equipment in the name of fun

Come have a look

Dead Air (Non-Bio remix)

26th June 2015 - Beinaheleidenschaftgegenstand: Dead Air (Non-Bio remix)

Non-Bio's contribution to someone else's album has its own video!

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Circuit Bending: The Video Beetle

6th June 2015 - Circuit Bending 5: The Video Beetle

Generating some corrupted video nonsense with my new gadget.

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14th February 2015 -Wicked Game

Check out our new collaboration with Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand! Released today on Soundcloud, this track will be available to own later in the year as part of the That's Not Music! Volume 2 compilation album, whichwill be handed out free at the next Resistanz festival.

Xmas Number 1

13 December 2014 - Xmas Number 1 Mature content!

Another new release! Would you believe it. And a free festive download at that. Come see details!

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Null Object

2 August 2014 - Null Object

New release! Come see details!

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A message from Non-Bio

19 June 2014 - A message from Non-Bio

A new project is afoot. Come take a look!

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Machine Cold Wash

23rd May 2014 - Circuit Bending 4

It will take more than an injured finger to stop my reckless experimenting.

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Machine Cold Wash

5th April 2014 - Machine Cold Wash

The new eight track mini-album is here!

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31st October 2013 - Medicinema

Non-Bio's released a new single - find all the details (and the video!) here.

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Non-Bio phone app

30th August 2013 - The Non-Bio mobile app

Are you very bored? Do you have no life? Then you need the OFFICIAL NON-BIO MOBILE APP.


If you're reading this on an Android phone, then click on the link and "Download app". This will download a (perfectly safe!) file called .apk, and tap it to install. Job done!

PS. no, this is not currently on the official Google app store, or available for iPhones, because either of those options cost lots of money which we don't have.

Do it!

Circuit Bending 3

8th May 2013 - Circuit Bending 3

How to take a much-loved educational toy of the 1970s and turn it EVIL.


The Game EP

9th March 2013 - The Game EP

It's taken a few months to sort out but The Game is now released as part of a four track EP. Download it or get it on limited edition CD!

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30th November 2012 - Non-Bio news

Let's stop for a moment and have a little catch-up, shall we?


30th September 2012 - The Game Video Mature content!

You will lose the game! Non-Bio's new track and video have arrived.

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10th March 2012 - Down With Freedom

Non-Bio collaborates with Spucktute. This is the result!

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1st March 2012 - Microsleep

The fifth track on Blue Horned Humanoids becomes the latest to get a video.

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Hostile Bone Structure

30th December 2011 - Hostile Bone Structure

The ninth track on Blue Horned Humanoids now has this Flash animated video.

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25th December 2011 - Transubstantiation

The tenth track on my album now also has a video, shot early this morning in desolate Croydon.

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Blue horned humanoids

15th October 2011 - Blue Horned Humanoids

It's here. The Non-Bio album.

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25th August 2011 - Illuminati

The new Non-Bio song, and a harbinger of the album on its way

See how deep this rabbit hole goes

4th July 2011 - Circuit-Bending 2

More fun with customised electronic gear!


8th January 2011 - Tomorrow's Another Day

The closest I'm likely to get to writing 'political music'.

This is the third track on the Megacube EP.


24th December 2010 - Megacube EP

The four track EP - including the song Megacube itself - is available now from Mrs Vee Recordings - you can get your hands on it for free by clicking the link below!

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8th December 2010 - Megacube

A song I've written... about a giant cube.


20th October 2010 - Circuit-Bending

My recent experiements with customised mutant instruments


17th July 2010 - Pillar of Salt

Bugs ahoy! Watch my new video - it's the title track from the Pillar of Salt EP!


4th May 2010 - Pillar of Salt EP

The debut release from Non-Bio (including Mutoid Man) can now be downloaded for free from Mrs Vee Recordings!


19th April 2010 - Mutoid Man

The live action/animated music video for a track on the 'Pillar of Salt' EP.

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13th April 2010 - After Its Purpose Is Long Forgotten

My entry for an audio/visual challenge set by Mrs Vee Recordings.

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8th October 2009 - Non-Bio videos Mature content!

You wait forever for a new film project, and then six come along together. For a while now, I've been messing around with making my own music, and here's some of the results, set to images.

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