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Animated curiosities which I've made. Some of these may not be suitable for showing to children - I will endeavour to warn you about these ones by means of a scary-looking red skull, thusly: Mature content!

I have also provided links to watch them on the Newgrounds animation website, as they operate a voting system and I'm always grateful to people who leave my work positive reviews on there!

Me And My Daddy

15th August 2015 - Space Guru

My entry for the 2015 Estings competition.

Click to watch

Me And My Daddy

18th June 2014 - Me And My Daddy

When childrens' art goes weird.

Click to watch


29th April 2013 - Steamroller

A perfectly harmless, innocent innocent bit of fun.

Click to watch

Coupon Wing

31st December 2012 - Coupon Wing

Have you ever wondered what the future of music looks like? It looks like this.

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Whine Meal episode 6

18th December 2012 - Whine Meal episode 6

Whine Meal returns for nothing less than a festive special! With tragic consequences.


Whine Meal 5

28th March 2012 - Whine Meal episode 5

It's been some time since the last Whine Meal - but Itchimus and Lionel are back. Lionel returns home from a weekend spent among goths. With tragic consequences.


5th January 2012 - Interactive Whine Meal Interactive Dress-Up Experience

While there may not have been any Whine Meal episodes for a bit, hopefully this interactive oddity will keep you amused for the many more months it will probably take until I produce Ep. 5.


Hostile Bone Structure

30th December 2011 - Hostile Bone Structure

The ninth track on Non-Bio's Blue Horned Humanoids now has this animated video.

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21st April 2011 - John McCririck's Criminal Addictions #41

A glimpse into the darker recesses of the mind of the Channel 4 horse racing pundit

Click here

19th April 2011 - Royal Wedding Super Ideas

We explore some of the more fun ways to celebrate the forthcoming royal marriage, in an all-singing all-dancing Flash presentation.

I do!

1st February 2011 - Vagabonds Visuals

A short excert from some visual projection work I've done for a Lomdon goth club.

Click here

29th December 2010 - Adam on the X Factor

One of 2010's strongest auditions, it's a shame he didn't make it any further in the show. And it's also sad (and odd) that more people don't remember his routine.

Watch it here

27th December 2010 - Confirming Your Book Order

Keeping up to date with the relevant titles of today has never been easier. Jump on board The Book Nodule for some bookucation.

Click to watch!

Or watch it on Newgrounds

31st October 2010 - Denzil Piggly Mature content!

A truly uplifting inspirational tale about one man's personal triumph against overwhelming odds. Or something like that.

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Or watch it on Newgrounds

16th May 2010 - Whine Meal episode 4 Mature content!

Itchimus and Lionel decide to try some home improvement. With tragic consequences.

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Or watch it on Newgrounds

1st April 2010 - Whine Meal episode 4 trailer

The finished episode may still be a way off, but it's progressing well; this episode marks an exciting new change in direction for the series and I'm already very excited about where it's going, so why not check out what's to come!

Watch this two minute preview

Or go direct to the page on Youtube

Whine Meal 3

13th February 2010 - Whine Meal episode 3 Mature content!

Today, Lionel and Itchimus decide to stay at home and order a pizza. With tragic consequences.

Click to watch!

Or watch it on Newgrounds

6th August 2009 - Whine Meal episode 2 Mature content!

At last, the Whine Meal saga continues. This time, Lionel and Itchimus decide to leave the house... with tragic results. Featuring guest appearances and new music by Max and Del from History of Guns.

Click to watch!

Or watch it on Poogrounds

A Movie For Your Cat to Watch

11th April 2009 - A Movie for Your Cat to Watch

As part of my effort to diversify my audience, I have made a film to beguile feline viewers. If you're not a cat, skip this film, because this isn't for you.

Click to watch!

None More Evil

18th March 2009 - None More Evil Mature content!Mature content!

Animated music video for The Resonance Association's track (taken from their album We Still Have The Stars). This video is inspired by dream imagery and contains bits which some may find disturbing.

I've also included a page of production notes/drawings.

Click to watch!

Or visit the Newgrounds page

5th December 2008 - Whine Meal episode 1 Mature content!

This surrealist sitcom is the first episode in a planned series. Today, Itchimus tries to spend some quality time alone, reading a book. With tragic results.

Some mild swearing and comic violence.

Click to watch!

Or visit the Newgrounds page

12th October 2008 - Exhaust Fumes Mature content!Mature content!

This is a music video, which I was commissioned to make by History of Guns, as a promo for their forthcoming single (of the same name).

The video is 5:08 minutes long and contains some disturbing images and a suicide-related theme, so best not to watch if you're offended by that sort of thing.

Click to watch!

Sexy World

9th August 2008 - Sexy World

Clocking in at over seven minutes, this Flash cartoon has turned into something of an epic. It follows a day in the fascinating life of Michael Staircrumb and tackles important issues such as dentists, childhood traumas and chives.

Click to watch!

Or visit the Newgrounds page (and please vote 5 for it)

Watch this movie!

6th July 2008 - 02 Ghosts I

An animation I made for my entry into the Nine Inch Nails 'Ghosts' film festival on Youtube. This work is loosely based on a dream I had a few months ago and, unlike most of my other cartoons, doesn't contain any humour (or nothing intentionally funny, at least).

The track I used is the second off the 'Ghosts' album and it's 3:27 Minutes long.

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2nd July 2008 - Hedgehog Dysfunction

Are you tired of your inbox filling up with spam trying to sell you viagra-type products? Spam which, most of the time, doesn't even make any sense to read?

Well, I am. It inspired me to make this joyous infomercial about hedgehogs.

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Or watch it on Newgrounds

Watch this movie

June 2008 - Impending Dooom

A chilling tale of the supernatural. Subtitled for clarity. May give you the willies.

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Or watch it on Newgrounds

Gravy Boats

June 2008 - Gravy Boats

Here is another of my early works, the first to feature synched dialogue. And stuff. The sound quality's not that great, so I endowed it with subtitles. About 2 minutes 53 seconds.

Click to watch!

Or watch it on Newgrounds

Conquest of Magnificence

June 2008 - The Conquest of Magnificence

To kick things off, here's the first animation I submitted to Newgrounds, from about two years ago (although it's been improved a bit since). It's very educational and is all about outer space. Approximately 1 minute 50 seconds long.

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Or watch it on Newgrounds